Conversation Design and AI

Ivan Westerhof and Audrey Noble introduced us to conversation experience and AI.

Ivan is the Founder of Campfire AI and Conversational AI expert. After spending multiple years in diverse digital agencies, Ivan decided to found Campfire AI in March 2021, one week before the lockdown happened. Despite that, he believes the timing could not have been better. In a niche that sometimes carries with it a negative connotation, slowly a shift is taking place behind the scenes. Chatbots are replaced by Conversational agents and large corporations are capitalizing on the cost savings they can represent. Mobile messaging is growing like never before.

Audrey has an MA in Languages & Literature and 20 years of experience in communication and copywriting. Over time, she came to develop a strong interest in the psychology of interactions. She works today as a Conversation Design Specialist and is Scrum Master of the team in charge of delivering content for the Proximus Assistant.

Together they opened for us the doors to Conversational AI and the power of language.

Language is the most powerful, useful, and effective communication technology ever, period.
- Golden Krishna

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