iOS Development on VTM GO and Streamz

Alex Manarpies is an iOS developer at Movify and currently working on VTM GO and Streamz. In his talk, he shed some light on the newly released async/await syntax and structured concurrency APIs for Swift.

We've explored how this long-awaited addition to the language actually works, by adding it to a sample video player component, which also employs Combine pipelines, RxSwift observables, and other async mechanisms, so we saw how async/await compares and when you should prefer it over other more established asynchronous programming models.

The presentation is a hands-on session, showing how stuff really works by coding it live. We've built incrementally from the bottom up, so everyone stayed on the same page, and was able to follow along, irrespective of prior knowledge.

Check out the full presentation below for all the details.

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