Young Potential Talent Acquisition

Pursue your journey within Talent Acquisition.

Get ready to fast track your career. Expand your professional perspectives and set the foundations that will make you become a senior talent acquisition specialist. Bring your own curiosity and motivation to boost your expertise in 3 steps.

32 months, 3 milestones, your expedition with us

1. Talent Sourcer

Learn to master research and discover the digital landscape. Understand the tools and techniques used in talent acquisition and the fundamentals of headhunting.

2. TA Specialist

Lead complex interviews with selected candidates and uncover their true potential. Evaluate the culture fit with Movify using efficient assessment techniques.

3. Senior TA

Become an expert in retention strategies and talent acquisition from first contact to contract proposals. Design and participate in advanced wellbeing labs and become a mentor for juniors.

Our senior TA will guide you!

You will be guided all along your adventure by Movify's senior Talent Acquisition specialists. They will help you get the most out of the program by teaching you all there is to know about talent sourcing, acquisition, interviews and much more.

Fast-track your TA career

Trainings, support from senior TA specialists, cross-learning sessions... Your growth as a talent acquisition specialist will be lightning fast at Movify. Our program is designed to make you a highly skilled and valued individual in 3 years, reaching medior levels of seniority faster than others.

An annual training budget of €2000

On top of it all, from year 2, you get an annual budget dedicated to learning and development. It's yours to spend. Trainings in London? no problem. Conferences in Barcelona? We'll get you there. Your mentors will help you discover new L&D opportunities and use your budget wisely.

Be involved in our strategy

Our program will lead you to the strategic spheres of talent acquisition. You will get the opportunity to have your say in Movify's TA strategy and recruitment. Take part in building new practices and driving innovation within our company. Help us shape the future of Movify!

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