We are on a mission to help our people grow from a fertile home ground to a uniquely crafted future.




Staff Members


Our values

We are continuously driven by human impact. From input to output.

Our team of driven designers, developers and strategists will do more than just get the job done.

With our clients, we challenge the norm and push the boundaries of design, experiences and technology further. Within our community of experts, we bond and grow through knowledge sharing, empowerment and tons of fun!

Our values are share, grow, empower, respect and enjoy.

The explorers

Our staff members are the ambassadors of our values, the drivers of our business and the direct connection to our consultants and clients. They can be found at the Movify office, on the field meeting new clients, or at lunch with consultants.
They'll be the first ones you'll meet!

The crafters

Our UX and UI designers will drive up the potential of your digital interfaces and solve your most complex design challenges. In committing to reach maximal user satisfaction, our crafters don’t hesitate to challenge the obvious and go beyond requirements. They like to take part in UX/UI Meetups and most of them have their own creative projects.

The builders

Without a solid technical foundation, a design would just be a concept, right? You need brick and mortar to make it real. More than just mastering their stuff, our builders are people on top of their game obsessed by the latest trends in technology to deliver state-of-the-art experiences.

Are you the talent we are looking for?