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We love to explore and push the boundaries of our expertise further. Sharing is one of our core values and it extends to the whole community. Here, you'll find plenty of resources about product design, development, and our entrepreneurial journey.

Unleashing the Power of CI/CD: Automating Your Way to Efficient and Reliable Software Delivery


Discover how CI/CD automation enhances software delivery, reduces errors, and ensures consistency and speed in development.

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Press: Reborn Becomes Movify


Press coverage about the rebranding of Reborn, digital Luxembourgish company, to Movify. November 2023.

Reborn Becomes Movify


Another milestone in our mission to keep improving our expertise in product strategy, design and development.

Movify, a community of Digital Experts


Movify does not only try to find the perfect project for each individual; we are a community of experts that believes in growing together.

Empowering Growth: The Movify L&D Program


We are committed to support every Movifyer in unlocking their full potential through Learning & Development.

Press: Movify Acquires Reborn


Press coverage about the acquisition of Reborn, a digital Luxembourgish company, by Movify. March 2023.

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Agile Has Become The Norm

May 28, 2024
Wim Bollen

Agile has transformed software engineering and has become the norm. But have other departments kept pace?

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