We are Movify

We are UX designers

We are UI designers

We are strategists

We are developers

We are Movify

We are strategists, designers, developers and pizza lovers.

Our fields of expertise

Service Design

Structuring innovation

Service design is for us a practice that goes off the beaten track. We elaborate unique tools and approaches for each project in order to help our clients clearly identify reliable innovation levers and get the most out of all their stakeholders.
For us, service design is about building strategic value propositions and applying user-centred collaborations to support our clients craft reliable relationships with their customers.

UX Design

We care about your users

We see UX design as a way to co-create meaningful digital products with our clients. We help them reach their business objectives while enabling them to find the ideal balance between usability and technical feasibility. Through dedicated tools (personas, wire flows, wireframing, user and/or usability testing,…) our UX designers are helping our clients to improve their product strategy, information architecture and content based on actionable user needs.

UI Design

Designing systems

Through a number of cases, our UI expertise has proven to be tailored to our client needs as well as embedded in an innovative approach with state-of-the-art graphic design tools. With a creative mind, a sharp eye for visuals and an extremely detailed view in the way they conceptualize human visual experiences, our UI consultants have successfully created a number of great web and mobile interfaces for various clients. These ranges from full app reskins for large corporates to UI design projects created from scratch for starting ventures.

Mobile & Web Development

Bringing it to life

From the very first line of code until the launch of your digital product, our developers strive for clean code. They build products that are easy to maintain, using the state-of-the-art design patterns. Our developers are T-shapes used to blend in large teams, at ease working in multi-disciplinary squads. They are solutions-oriented and are not afraid to challenge the status-quo.

Our cases

We love working with them


Peng Ndizeye

Talent Sourcer

Starting my career with Movify enabled me to meet experts who like to share their knowledge to empower the community.
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