Press: Reborn Becomes Movify

Press: Reborn Becomes Movify

Press coverage about the rebranding of Reborn, a digital Luxembourgish company. November 2023.

Reborn is a Luxembourg-based company of 30 experts specialised in UX/UI design and development of web and mobile applications, and pioneers in the implementation of design systems. Together, the two companies now constitute a team of 100 people.

Reborn Adopts The Name Movify

"This rebranding brings several notable advantages. Firstly, it simplifies the business message for a seamless and consistent client experience. Secondly, it unifies the team under a single banner, fostering a stronger sense of belonging and cohesion." - Charles-Louis Machuron

Suite à son rachat, Reborn adopte le nom Movify

"La transition vers le nom unique Movify permet à aux équipes d’être réunies sous une même bannière, renforçant ainsi le sentiment d’appartenance et la cohésion." - Jérôme Rudoni

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