About Career Perspectives

About Career Perspectives

Clarifying Career Perspectives

At Movify, we are on a mission to help people grow from a fertile home ground to a uniquely crafted future. That's why we have always chosen to build custom career plans, allowing more flexibility, personalisation, and even job crafting.

Echoing to one of our 5 core values "Grow", we want to make sure that every Movifyer, through his journey at Movify, grows from point A to B to reveal its true potential, both professionally and personally. Hence the importance of leading by example on this matter.

At one point, we received feedback that career perspectives could benefit from clarification. This even made Movify lose a few valuable talents.

How is this possible ? I thought we had a 5-star approach, but sadly realised it was a misperception.

I'm happy to share below how we approached this challenge and the solution we have crafted.

From startup to scale-up

I always strove to build a very flat and agile structure. Far away from a typical scheme in consulting : Analyst 1 - Analyst 2 - Analyst 3 - Consultant 1 - Consultant 2 - Consultant 3 - Manager 1 - ...

Easy as a startup, will you say. But as we grew from startup to scale-up, many people joined and everyone needs to find its place.

The challenge is of course to find the right balance between flexibility and structure.

Formalising too soon slows the team down with unnecessary processes. Formalising too late generates confusion and impacts efficiency.

Where do you put the cursor ?

Access to the Equity

I want to go beyond classical career tracks. Some Movifyers have an appetite for intrapreneurship, for bringing their career and the company to a whole new level. I want to build the ultimate version of Movify, together with the Movifyers. The best way to do so, in my humble opinion, is to offer Movifyers the opportunity to jump fully onboard and get a share of the company, in order to grow hand in hand, the company and the Movifyers.

Last year, I announced the opening of the equity to the management of Movify. An important milestone in the history of Movify as 3 new partners joined the adventure : Adrien de Pascal, Charles Regout, and John-Alexander Casse.

This was a first iteration, and the intention was, from the start, to widen the circle in a number of steps.

Reviewing our career tracks was therefore the perfect opportunity to open the equity of Movify to a larger audience.

The 4 steps

Putting all the pieces of the puzzle together, we designed our very own "Growth Model" in 4 steps:

1) As a Consultant, your role is to focus on your client projects. You should develop your expertise with training and certifications. To do so, you receive a Learning & Development (L&D) budget of 2.000 EUR per year, as well as 4 dedicated training days. We always appreciate it if you also share your knowledge with your peers, for example at a Movify meetup, on our podcast, or simply a blog article.

2) If you are in the company for a minimum of 1 year, you are eligible to take a Mentor mandate. This mandate includes guiding junior team members on their projects and in their career. It also includes creating content to share your know-how via our different channels, and the support of business development efforts. As a Mentor, you are entitled to an extra L&D budget, increasing from 2.000 to 2.500 EUR per year.

3) As a Lead, you become the reference within Movify for your expertise. So many new open positions : Service Design Lead, UX Lead, User Research Lead, Design Ops Lead, UI Lead, Branding Lead, iOS Lead, Android Lead, Flutter Lead, React/React Native Lead, Xamarin Lead, Product Management Lead, Lead Product Owner, Lead Scrum Master, ...The responsibility of a Lead is to help Movify grow around a specific expertise : hiring the best talents, pre-sales, external representation, and of course mentorship to ensure that the internal know-how grows.Becoming a key contributor, you become eligible to enter the equity of Movify as a partner. You also receive an increased Learning & Development budget of 3.000 EUR per year, a yearly bonus, and dedicated time off-projects to fulfil your Lead mandate.This role is accessible after 2 years at Movify, including 1 successful year as a Mentor.

4) Emerging as a confirmed leader in the team, you qualify for a Head Of mandate. Each of our 3 practices needs a leader : Design, Development, and Product Management.The Head Of guides his team of experts in their career progression and helps shaping the Movify of tomorrow by contributing to the company strategy. As a Head Of, you are of course also eligible to enter the equity of Movify.

Voice your feedback to help us improve

Building a company is a never-ending adventure. We believe in continuous improvement and this Growth Model is only a first iteration. We would be happy to hear your feedback and suggestions to improve it. So shoot and share your thoughts.

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