Opening the Equity: Round 2

Opening the Equity: Round 2

Last year, I took the decision to open the equity of the company to our employees in order to incentivise key people, reward performance, and build sustainable collaborations. A key milestone in paving the way to our company's bright future.

I saw this as a first iteration. A way to test the model with a small audience, learn from findings, improve, and later extend to a wider audience. The first iteration being a success, the time to move forward has already come.

This year, on the 1st of September 2022, I extended this project and welcomed two new partners in the adventure.

Expanding the partnership

The first iteration opened the equity’s door to the management of the company. And I was wondering what was the right way to enlarge the circle beyond that.

In parallel, we also introduced the Movify Growth Model: a clear framework for all Movifyers willing to grow as leaders in their field expertise. It emerged from a general observation throughout the years : Movifyers have an appetite for intrapreneurship and the will to go forward in their career. From Consultant to Mentor, Lead and Head Of, our Growth Model unlocks new perspectives and offers clear steps to all of our employees. This actually was the perfect way to open the equity to a larger audience.

I entered the equity dimension into the Growth Model so that every employee with either a Lead role or a Head Of role will be granted access to the equity of the company.

Xavier Roggen and Isabelle Bamber were therefore eligible to enter the equity, due to their respective Head of Design position and UI Lead position. I am glad they both decided to join the journey !


With Isabelle and Xavier joining the shareholders board, the Movify equity becomes more inclusive with both managers and designers around the table. Gathering business and expert insights will help us being even more cognisant of our sector reality.

We are happy to broaden horizons at Movify thanks to more diverse shareholders.

Next steps

My dream last year was to enlarge the partnership circle much wider. The dream is slowly becoming reality with this second round.

And following the implementation of our Growth Model, this will continue in the same direction, welcoming future colleagues from other areas of expertise in the partnership.

Welcome to Xavier & Isabelle, and cheers to the new partnership!

Louis Cornet, CEO

Two New Partners

Isabelle started working at Movify in January 2019 as a UI Design consultant and started off her project portfolio with 2 very exciting startup projects : Jeasy and Emploqo. A year later, Isabelle pitched her ideas internally to Louis with the objective to help improve the UI design community and knowledge sharing at Movify. This allowed Isabelle to level up to the new role of UI Design Lead in January 2020, in parallel with her consultant role working as Senior UI designer at AXA.

Isabelle's renewed internal mandate includes: mentoring the UI designers, ensuring quality in recruiting new potential UI designers, sharing knowledge, giving trainings and assisting the L&D team to encourage our designers to continue growing.

Xavier is a UX & Product Designer with 10 years of experience in the field. He joined Movify in 2017 as a consultant and had the chance to work with a wide range of clients, from international corporations to local startups. In 2018, he was appointed Head of Design and has been involved in the company’s strategy ever since.

Xavier’s mandate as Head of Design continues: contributing to Movify’s Design Strategy, unlocking new clients & project opportunities, supporting & coaching our designers, interviewing talents to join the team. Xavier is now also leading the marketing strategy within Movify, to support the company in its expansion.

Both Xavier and Isabelle want to be more involved in the company and have a tangible impact on its long term future. Yet another reason to enter the equity program.

Xavier explains: “Joining the equity was the logical next step for me. It’s a recognition of my involvement in Movify the last couple of years. It also reflects my desire to always be more involved in the company’s strategy. I believe in our potential together and I’m convinced we can reach our ambitions.”

Isabelle is excited by the prospects that she would have a voice in the strategic decision making of the company and help Movify grow. She states : "the atmosphere at Movify is unmatched from any other company I have ever worked at. Movify has always provided a lot of flexibility and encouragement for professional growth and has always listened to any suggestions or ideas. I trust my ideas will be acknowledged and taken seriously."

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