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Product Owner

Maximizing the product’s value with a squad

Scrum Master

Facilitating and guiding an agile team

Product Manager

The product expert within an organization

Project Manager

Defining features and plan to achieve goals

Business analyst

Assessing processes and data to provide insights

Technical analyst

Evaluating technical systems guiding the devs

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Backlog & priorities


Impact analysis


Handover & iteration

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Launch of new product
Introduction and presentation of a novel offering to the market, including its promotion, availability, and initial sales efforts.
Squad lead
Guidance of a developers and designers team, often within an Agile or cross-functional context, to achieve project goals and deliverables.
Project management
Plan, organisation, resources and tasks management to achieve specific goals within defined constraints.
Product improvement
Enhancement and refinement of a product's features, functionality, and overall quality to better meet customer needs and market demands.

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Modernise and simplify the online mortgage simulator for Belfius.
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Digitalise and simplify copyright & revenues management for music artists.
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Enriching the mobile user experience with transparency to develop awareness and retention while working on the satisfaction of current customers.
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