Empowering Growth: The Movify L&D Program

Empowering Growth: The Movify L&D Program

Unleashing everyone’s potential has always been paramount for Movify. Our world is rapidly changing and innovation never stops. We know the importance of growth and continuous learning for everyone in the team.

Our Learning & Development (L&D) program is one of the many initiatives we put in place to face that challenge. We are committed to support every Movifyer in unlocking their full potential. We believe that through knowledge, opportunities and with the right tools, they will become the best in their field of expertise.

Starting with a €2000 annual budget

Every Movifyer receives a budget of €2000 per year and 4 dedicated days. The rule is simple: the budget is yours to spend, as long as it supports your professional learning & development. An amazing design or dev conference in Barcelona? A certified UX course by Nielsen Norman? Inspirational books? No problem, we got you covered!

Furthermore, we pair up our L&D program with our Growth Model: the more responsibilities you take, the more your budget increases. We believe that our Mentors & Leads should have access to all the tools and knowledge they need to provide proper guidance and support to the team.

Unique benefits

  • Personalised learning experiences

Each Movifyer can tailor their learning experience as they please. Everyone’s growth path is unique and the L&D program is designed to support that idea. Who knows best about what you need to bring your skills to the next level than yourself? And if you don’t, no worries, our mentors and leads are there to steer you in the good direction and provide the right resources.

  • Team Building and Mentorship

We talked a lot about how L&D can benefit every expert at Movify, but it goes beyond the individuals. Our L&D program is a great way to bring Movifyers together, share knowledge and learn. We discuss our experiences during our Lunch & Learn sessions, what book was amazing or what conference was inspiring. Regardless of experience levels, we can all benefit from this program together.

  • Fast tracking your career

Investing consistently every year 2000€ worth of learning opportunities is a huge boost to anyone’s career. Our ambition is to be the greatest collective of experts in product strategy, design and development. We support our experts in fast-tracking their career to faster acquire knowledge and experience.

What about you? Are you hungry for knowledge and experience? Do you wish to boost your career? We’re always on the lookout for the greatest talents. Check out our job opportunities!

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