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Press: Movify Acquires Reborn

Press coverage about the acquisition of Reborn, a digital Luxembourgish company. March 2023.

Press: Equity Round 2

Press coverage about the second opening of the Equity of Movify, October 2022.

Opening the Equity: Round 2

Movify welcomes 2 new partners in its Equity program!

The Power of a Design Story

Following our September Meetup, the speaker Alexandre Masy shares his knowledge about design stories and the underlying process of creation.

My First UX Designer Job as a Young Graduate

Julien Raemdonck shares his post graduation experience and his first steps in the professional world. Available on all platforms in our Flux podcast !

About Career Perspectives

Louis Cornet gives an insight into Movify Growth Model and career perspectives for the Movifyers.

Beyond Tellerrand in Düsseldorf, 2022 edition

Welcome to the Capitol Theater! Inside this room, you will live an incredible experience during two days. You will learn about code, accessibility, personal empowerment, design, art and mostly life. You will be amazed, thrilled, mind-blown.

Let's talk accessibility

Accessibility impacts a lot more people than you think

The Metaverse Goldrush

Breaking down what is and isn't the metaverse

Become a Design Influencer in 4 Steps

Instagram Design & Marketing

Conversation Design and AI

Ivan Westerhof and Audrey Noble opened for us the doors to Conversational AI and the power of language.

iOS Development on VTM GO and Streamz

Alex Manarpies: Modern Swift concurrency, async/await, Combine, RxSwift and more.

How to make good use of the L&D program: Beyond Tellerrand

The Learning & Development project narrated by one of our designers.

Press: "Sharing equity is key to retain talent" - De Tijd 2021

Louis Cornet decided to give his employees the opportunity to buy shares of his company Movify.

Press : The founder of Movify opens up the capital of his scale-up to employees and raises his ambitions – La Libre Belgique 2021

Louis Cornet, unveils his new strategy: opening up of capital and European expansion.

Why did I choose to open the equity of Movify?

Movify welcomes 3 new partners

Press: Opening of the Equity - Trends Tendances 2021

Opening of the equity of Movify

You Own Precious Opportunities – The YoPo Experience

'Find out how it's like to be a Young Potential (YoPo) at Movify!'

Is your copy mindful?

Words matter, my friend!

Flutter - The new kid in the block

During our last meetup, Jérémie Vincke, our Flutter Developer, shared his experience with Flutter on his project at VRT.

Top 3 challenges for UX designers

Offering a great digital experience doesn’t come without its challenges. In this article I’ll be talking about struggles you will likely face as a UX designer. These are the risks of features overload, the need of a design system and designing for accessibility.

First Day @Movify as YOPO!

Charline, our new YOPO, explains her first day at Movify.

The Rise of Movify

Discover the story of the creation and evolution of Movify.

Going beyond usability with Movify

Blanche and Emilie, our YOPO's, tell us about their experience as Junior UX Designers.

First Month @Movify- Jump into the Movify world

Blanche and Emilie tell you about their first month at Movify as YOPO's.

How to properly export your Sketch designs to Photoshop (if you really have to)

When it comes to exporting from Sketch to PSD, there’s almost nothing online. I know what you’re thinking: Why would anyone want to convert a Sketch file to PSD? Isn’t that kinda backwards? Here's an article for when your clients ask for the PSD file and just won’t take no for an answer.

The lost art of presenting designs

This talk reveals tips and tricks on how to survive a design presentation and how to communicate your design decisions effectively.

My first Personas Project - Part 3

Gill tells you about his persona project in the banking industry.

My first Personas Project – Part 2

Gill tells you about his experience designing personas for a client in the banking industry.

My first Personas Project - Part 1

Gill tells you about his experience designing personas for a client in the banking industry.

Save your time by designing @1x

Nowadays, many designers are designing for mobile @2x for iOS screens and @3x or even @4x for Android screens (=xxhdpi). If you don’t remember the meaning of these concepts, read this short reminder about resolutions and display specifications used for both iOS and Android devices.

Press : Faire décoller son business au nom de l’emploi – La Libre Belgique 2016

Movify, un des 9 "lauréats" du Réseau Entreprendre.

Press : Le programme qui botte les fesses des entrepreneurs – Trends Tendance 2016

Movify, lauréat du Programme Croissance du Réseau Entreprendre Bruxelles.

Continuous Build, Integration, Deployment and Delivery

The terms “Continuous Integration”, “Fail Fast” and “Agile” are more and more becoming part of today’s developers discussions. Old development practices such as Waterfall are no longer valid to fullfill the needs of flexibility, modularity and performance of current and future projects.

Xamarin.Forms tips : Smooth Launch on Android

Xamarin Forms is an interesting solution, it abstracts the UI platform specific code in order to maximize code reuse, but by doing so it also introduces some performance constraints that can become potential issues if you are not aware of them.

Xamarin.Android tips

This article will expose some performance issues you might encounter when developing an Android app using Xamarin. Typically you will encounter them if you develop your app without taking the way Xamarin works on Android into account.

E-Day : Mobile UX

Understand and apply UX principles on mobile and tablets to develop your business.

Mobile World Congress 2015 Insights

The Movify team was heading to Barcelona a few weeks ago for the Mobile World Congress. This year, it was all about 5G, Internet of Things and Wearable (stuff). Discover here a few insights...

Comparing multi-platform mobile apps frameworks

When building a mobile app, you might struggle deciding if you want to go Native, go HTML, or go Hybrid. This talk, led by Louis Cornet, intends to give an overview of the mobile technologies landscape and to provide insights on which solution best suits your needs.

Designing User Experience for multi-platform mobile apps

Tips and tricks to make your mobile apps unique and easy to use. During this meetup you will learn which UX strategy to choose and how to optimise design solutions for multi-platform apps.

Press : Des bâtisseurs d'avenir "made in Belgium" - La Libre Belgique 2014

Cet été, "La Libre" a décidé de suivre l’aventure de neuf jeunes entrepreneurs qui ont lancé des concepts innovants. Surfant sur la vague des nouvelles technologies, la société Movify offre la possibilité aux entreprises d’offrir à leurs clients de nouveaux services orientés vers l’avenir.

Press : Des solutions qui bougent avec vous – Moneystore 2013

La jeune société Movify lancée par Louis Cornet est spécialisée dans le développement de solutions mobiles. «Notre mission est de créer de nouvelles opportunités pour nos clients au moyen d’applications mobiles. Ces solutions doivent leur permettre d’explorer de nouveaux marchés ».